Death in the Dragonmarks

Session 10 - A chilling conversation

After resting and preparing their magic for the day the party decided to head down the white hall after encounter no new resistance that day. Moving cautiously Lianara was able to spot some residual dampness on the stone in front of them. Letting the rest of the party know Wrath decided to go first using the 10 foot pole to try and find a trigger. Finding none until he was almost to the door when a a wall of force sprang up behind him. At the same time a second wall sprang to life in front of Kori and Lianara and the resulting room began to fill with water. Waiting to see if the walls would disparate the party was rewarded for their patience but poor Wrath was knocked down by the on rushing water.

Entering the room the party was struck by the sudden drop in temperature as the floor and ledges where covered in snow and ice. Not seeing the dragon at all Rhuuna and Lianara heard what could only be snoring. Having Jeffery use his increasing useful boots to scout revealed the dragon asleep in the corner. Once againg using the extra dimensional bag to carry the rest of the party up they decided to try and have Wrath or Jeffery kill the dragon while it slept. Unfortunately Wrath was less than quiet getting out of the bag and woke the dragon. Reacting quickly the dragon shot down a hole not far away. Chasing after it Jeffery and Wrath were unable to do any damage to it. Taking a few bites out of the two fighters the dragon retreated back up the tunnel with wrath and Jeffery trying to follow but unable to due to how slick the ice inside was. Lianara was able to turn the tide of battle by remembering the vials of alchemist fire in her pack. Using those to great effect on the dragon caused it to take notice of her and attack using both claws and breath. Continuing to pelt the dragon the alchemical vials Jeffery and Wrath where able to land a few attacks as well as a dangerous volley from Lianara. But it was Korihime’s shot from a wand of magic missile that finally laid the dragon low. Skinning it this dragon proved to be hazardous to dispose of in the lava because of it violently exploding when tossed in.

Moving on down the brass tinged and final hall the party was able to bypass the traps and enter the room. Upon entering they notice that this room’s environment is fashioned after a desert complete with a huge sand dune. As they approached a large brass dragon appeared at the top of the dune.

Ecstatic to have visitors the dragon hinted that it would be nice if the party stayed and chatted for a while. Not wanting to anger the large beast the party obliged and promised to do so if the dragon would lend them the use of it’s key. Asking for a bit of their time after they finished downstairs and to let him know what was down there as conditions for letting them use it. The party found that reasonable and agreed leaving Rhuuna behind to converse with the dragon while they opened the door. Not getting attacked immediatly after opening the door the party retrieved Rhuuna and Sally promised the dragon to return with tales of what was below.

Decending to the keep’s basement the party enters a large cavern like room with a massive door along one wall and two smaller doors on the other walls. Reaching the bottom of the stair way they where ambushed by a pair of invisible stalkers. A bag of flour helped even the odds and the party make quick work of them.


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