Death in the Dragonmarks

Session 21 - Shall we play a game / Rhuuna is a certified Badass

Still trying to judge xp for this one and possibly finish the summary. Feel free to add your own thoughts to this (in character or out).


Moving through the enclave the party encountered a large empty room. The madman invited us all to play a game involving moving about on a map, which Sally’s military training allowed her to excel at. After two sessions we moved on to battle of our party against simulcra of ourselves. Rhuuna and Lilliput distinguished themselves. Further exploration brought us back into contact with the madman.


Suggest Sally get bonus XP for winning game of paths and that fighting ourselves be viewed as one long encounter in 3 parts for which we all share XP – I.e., Rhuuna got buffed by Sally and I don’t know if there was any other help. We all learn, presumably, from watching our simulacrum fight. So maybe extra XP for Rhuuna but also XP for watching yourself? Anyway we fought about 10 CR 11 opponents in that encounter so there ought to be sweet XP

RurouniKakita RurouniKakita

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