Death in the Dragonmarks

Session 9 - A knock down dragon fight

After resting in the shelter provided by Kori the party prepared for the new day. Exiting the red dragon’s room they encountered a few skeletons of what looked to be the sorcerers that had been killed the previous day moving to engage them revealed not only the skeletons but also a few wights that looked to have been made from the soldiers. Quickly dispatching the annoying undead and throwing them into the lava pool they proceeded on down the green hallway.

Before proceeding down the hall Lianara did a quick search and revealed the existence of a trap door. Not taking any chances the party decided to just have Wrath, and Liliput with Rhuuna jump over the pit and Jeffery fly to the other side and carry a rope for the others to use. Sally and Lianara where able to use the provided rope to make their way safely across but Kori had a bit of trouble. Halfway across the rope she slipped and fell to the floor triggering the trap. As the floor gave away a flood of slippery grease coated the now sharply inclined floor causing Kori to slip and fall toward the now exposed wall of spikes. Reacting quickly Wrath as able snatch her up before she became impaled. Once safely together Kori had Wrath lift up the floor so she could lock it in place so the could walk over it on the way out.

Entering the Green dragon’s room the party saw no trace of the dragon but the murky water and barely solid ground was the correct type of environment for it. Moving a bit further in Wrath and Jeffery made their way to the second island directly in front of the door. As they where moving to a third island the dragon shot out of the water and attacked. Taking advantage of its ability to fly the dragon managed to stay out of the reach of much of the party. Those that could reach it wounded it slightly until a volley of multiple arrows from Lianara struck true killing the dragon. Getting it to shore the party skinned it and put the remains in the pool of lava in the red dragon’s room.

Still having the preparations from getting ready to fight the green dragon the party decided to try the black hall. Moving down the hall they noticed some writing on the wall. Detecting traces of magic from it Kori volunteered to disable it. Unfortunately she was quite up to the task and set off some of the runes, getting caught in the explosion. Staying on the side with the expended runes the party made it to the door. Opening it revealed a room very similar to the last. A bit more physical then the last 2 dragons this was the black dragons downfall and it was quickly dispatched skinned and disposed of like its green brother.

Having only the enhancements to their weapons to help them in any of the remaining dragon fights the party decided to try the blue corridor next. To traverse this hall the party used a somewhat unorthodox strategy after spotting gashes in the floor, ceiling, and walls. Having everyone but Jeffery climb into one of the extra dimensional bags Jeffery then used his flying boots to get them to the door. Once there Korihime was able to disable the control panel so they could leave once they where done. Entering the room the party saw towering spires as well as what looked to be a sleeping blue dragon on one of them. Behind to much cover for either Lianara or Kori to get a clean shot Jeffery used his boot to fly up to it to attack. Keeping to the air and using the spires for cover the dragon proved to be more difficult for the party. Finally getting it cornered the party was able to damage it enough for Lianara to deliver a killing volley of arrows. Also skinning a disposing of the remains the party decided that killing three dragons that day was enough and once again called on Kori to try and provide shelter which she was able to do.


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