Igantius Arendt


Of all the nations, the Crown Jewel of Galifar, Beautiful Cyre was worth fighting for. But Ignatius Arendt was never very good at fighting, despite the military lessons and expectations. Not like the other Arendts who proudly went off to war one at a time, and inevitably came back home to their final rest on the family estates. Ignatius hated the war, more than anything. It took his father, all three of his older brothers and destroyed so much of what made Cyre beautiful. It was all so pointless, and he turned to the his only real talent and love for escape. He always had a knack for magecraft and art, so he abandoned his home, wealth and his beloved sister to join the Makers.

Ignatius spent the next few years as an apprentice and had great success at completely ignoring the war. Learning magecraft, artificing and working to rebuild much of the damage the war had wrought. He was paying so little attention, that he wasn’t even aware of the forces gathering on the eve of the Day of Mourning. He was on a Cannith repair crew outside of Vathirond that day, working on some damage to the lightning rail. He hasn’t been back to Cyre since.

Ignatius called New Cyre his home for the next few years, building homes and tools for the refugees. He greatly admires Oargev ir’Wynarn and is devoted to the cause of the last ruling son Cyre. Discovering the truth behind the Mourning, exacting revenge on those responsible and slowly rebuilding the Jewel of Galifar.

Ignatius is still a member of House Cannith. He works on their behalf, while also seeking to uncover truths for his exiled king. This has lead him to Sharn, where you can learn any secret for the right price. Merrix d’Cannith is also in Sharn and one of the few people in the world with knowledge of Cannith projects in Cyre before the Mourning. Too bad Ignatius has so little money and no influence/friends in a city with such potential.

Igantius Arendt

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