Rhuuna Swansong


AC 15
HP 24

DEX 14
CON 11
INT 16
WIS 17
CHA 10

WILL 8 (+2 vs. Fear)

Base Attack: +3

Speed: 20ft

Quarter Staff (B): 1d4-1, x2 Crit
Dagger (P/S): 1d3-1, x2 Crit on 19/20 (10 ft. thrown range)
Rhuuna is +1 to hit with thrown weapon or sling.

Spells per Day:
Level 0: 5
Level 1: 4
Level 2: 3
Level 3: 2


Rhuuna Swansong is the eldest of a flock of 9 Swansong siblings belonging to father Rhuunald and mother Tamrind. Beginning with her, Rhuunald and Tamrind have had a new baby every 3 years. Like most Talenta Halflings, the Swansongs have led a largely nomadic life, picking up and moving around the time a new child come along, and have moved eastward over the years between Lake Cyre to their current homebase near the Endworld Mountains. As a young child, Rhuuna showed a particular affinity towards the dinosaurs her family encountered along their travels, never once fearing the vicious beasts. Despite her mother’s protests, Rhuunald taught his eldest everything he knew about taming and training dinosaurs (which turned out to be not an unsignificant amount), and from there, Rhuuna’s lifelong passion for Animal Training took shape. By her 20th birthday, she was responsible for roughly half her family’s total income, having become adept at finding dinosaur eggs, minding them until they hatched, and training the wee creatures to be loyal and faithful companions, and selling them to neighboring tribes for fair and reasonable prices. It was on that birthday that she and Rhuunald struck up a deal: one-eighth of the gold that came from selling the trained dinosaurs belonged to Rhuuna, and Rhuuna alone, and on her 28th birthday (that being the age Rhuunald himself had left his parents to find his own fortunes and family), would be hers to finance her travels anywhere she desired. True to his word, Rhuuna received a sizable bag of coins on her latest birthday, and with the faithful Baby (RIP) at her side, made her way through the Endworld summits to Valenar. Upon her arrival in Taer Valaestas, she spent a good portion of her coin to Elven scholars to learn the facts about the Last War, a taboo subject in the Swansong household (Tamrind had insisted on isolating her children from it, and had mostly succeeded in doing so). Weeks of harrowing and heroic tales lit a fire in her belly to experience the true wonders of Khorvaire, as well as to determine what natural beauties of the continent are wasted at the hands of people hungry with power, and it was from there that she traveled to the port city of Pylas Maradal and bartered passage on a ship going anywhere West. The first captain unafraid to take on a passenger like Baby was bound for Sharn, and once she arrived, her coin had rapidly dwindled. Fearing she’d be unable to travel much farther with her reserves running low, she answered an ad…

Rhuuna Swansong

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