Death in the Dragonmarks

Campaign Prequeal - Part 1

“Well this sucks” Korihime said as she paid for her parties drinks with the little bit of gold they had left. “We need a job if we plan on not sleeping in the marketplace in the very near future.” she said as she sat down at the table where three humans, another Elf, and a warforged were waiting.

“Then it will be your own fault. You were supposed to handle the gold,” the warforged said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Well if someone didn’t need repairing so often we would have more Verlan,” Korihime retorted. “Does anyone have any leads on a job?”

“Well the twelve is always hiring,” Gordan said. “They’re always looking for ‘Talented individuals’ to help discover the lost treasures of Xen’Drik.”

“You mean loot the graves of the long dead for trinkets that The Twelve can use to keep their power,” one of the heavily armored humans whose armor bore the symbol of Dol Arrah and carried a mace.

“Doesn’t matter to me very much Nomar. I don’t see myself leaving Xen’Drik any time soon and The Twelves power here is limited. Besides loot is there to be taken and any traps or other obstacles in the way means it was something important and it’s not like the dead are using them,” Korihime responded. “Plus their gold is shiny and it’s not like we have to give them everything we find.”

“It still doesn’t feel right to me,” the other armored Human also bering the mark of Dol Arrah and carrying a kopesh.

“Our activities, especially Kori’s, rarely feel right to you Jherdon,” Gordan said taking a pull from his mug. “ At least she isn’t stealing from the residents of Stormreach.”

“At least that you know of,” Kori said softly into her mug,

“What was that,” Gordan said.

“Nothing, I guess this means we’ll be visiting the Twelves tower tomorrow then,” Kori said finishing her drink.

“I have a sparing match in the morning,” Verlan said.

“We have buissness at the temple in the morning,” Jherdon said pointing to himself and Nomar.

“Well then, what about you Pyre?” Kori asked the robed elf.

“I shall wait here for you to return. I have every confidence in your ability to negotiate a fair price for our services.” Pyrethria said finishing her wine and leaving the table.

“Great that just leaves me and Gordan. Everyone better be here by midday or we’ll leave without you and keep all the pay for ourselves and you lot can find somewhere else to sleep,” Kori stated as she grabbed her bow from the back of her chair.

“Don’t I get a choice in the matter,” Gordan called to Kori as she went upstairs.

“No,” was all she replied before disappearing upstairs to her room.

Morning came the next day and as the sun rose Nomar and Jherdon headed out to the temple to prepare for the journeys to come. A little while late the Warforged Verlan left for his sparing and training session at a local adventurer’s guildhouse and was followed shortly by the Elf Sorcereress Pyrethira who was going host knows where and the human Gordan who sat down and ordered breakfast to wait for Kori to get up.

A few hours later Kori finally made her way to the main room of the inn ad sat down at the same table as Gordan. After a min the tavern owner brought her a breakfast and a cup of tea.

“Do I want to know why you’re up so late?” Gordan asked.

“Probably not,” Kori replied. “On an unrelated note we probably won’t be staying at the Leaky Dinghy in the near future. Let’s go find us some work shall we.”

Korihime got up from the table and tossed the tavern keep a few silver for the meal as she and Gordan left to see what The Twelve was offering for work.

A short walk later Kori and Gordan arrived at The Twelve’s tower just outside Stormreach and headed to their job board. A quick look over it seemed to be fairly mundane caravan escorting to the various dig sites they where running. Deeming those to boring with to little return on investment Kori spotted a job that was asking for a team to clear out a recently discovered ruin that was proving a bit much for the expedition to handle.

“This one looks good. I just can’t turn away from an empty ruin, especially when there are so many traps,” Kori said taking down the information.

“Kori, you hate trying to disable traps though,” Gordan said raising his eyebrow.

“True, but I always say that with more traps and hazards the more treasure there is to be had. I mean there must be something important to have all of that protection or why go to the effort. Now it looks like we have to go see the clerk real quick to tell him the job has been taken and then meet with some Captain Malcolm d’Lyrandar and take his boat down the hydra to the expedition’s base camp.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Gordan commented. “All the same did you get any gold to buy provisions before we leave?”

“Only 2500. I’ll have to use my charms to get the most out of it. Let’s go get the others.”

Gordan and Korihime arrived at the Wayward Lobster a little after mid-day and found the rest of their companions sitting around a table waiting for them.

“Well it’s nice to see you didn’t leave without us,” Nomar said between bites of his lunch.

“You’re late,” Verlan grumbled.

“No I’m not, I figured that if I got done before mid-day I would wait till then for you guys and if I took longer you couldn’t leave without me since I have the job details,” Kori answered. “You guys go down to the harbor and find a Captain Malcom d’Lyrandar, he’s our ride to the base camp and I’ll go get some supplies. Anything in particular you need Pyre or Nomar?”

Pyrethria and Nomar both gave her a short list, a few wands and material components, and the party left for the harbor while Kori did some shopping. A little while later she met the rest of her group in the harbor near a elemental galleon named Tranquility talking to a half-elf she was introduced to as Captain Malcolm d’Lyrandar.

“If everyone is ready I must insist we head out as some of these supplies are perishable and the further we can get down the Hydra in the light the better,” Malcolm said. “Barring any unforeseen situations we should be there as sun rises tomorrow.”

Once every one had their gear stowed and was ready the water elemental bound in the belly of the ship roared to life in a ring around it and propelled them to the unknown.

Session 0 - 0.5: A new adventure begins with guard duty.

The members of the party have made their way to Sharn, the City of Towers, for reasons that are their own. Whether it is to find fame and fortune, just fortune, disappear from those that might seek them, or they have lived here all of your life matters not to the city. The only thing the city really cares about is if they can compensate it for the many services it provides. Fail to do this and the city will swallow them into its depths where there is little hope of returning and an even smaller hope of you not being changed. Whatever had brought them to the city has caused their coin purses to become extremely light and if it isn’t filled soon they could become one of Sharn’s countless lost, involuntarily exiled to the lower levels where the rules of law are a bit looser. As their funds diminish they are forced to find work. Luckily there are many places one can find employment, both legitimate and illegitimate. A quick check of the various job boards around town show many opprotunities, mostly for skilled labor or in the service industry, but there is one that caught their eyes. A post from The Twelve seeking those of resource for a caravan escort to The Tower of The Tweve in Korth, Karrnath. The flyer instructs them to take an application if they are interested and fill it out. Once completed saying the keywords “Application to the twelve complete” will send it to the hiring manager. They then receive a summons to appear at a lecture hall at Morgrave University for the screening process.

The group arrives individually at the lecture hall and see they are not the only ones to see the notice from The Twelve. There are many here from all walks of life, from the commoner to the seasoned veteran. After a few hours of interviews they are each interviewed by a Twelve member named, James, who sends them out after a brief interview. After each is interviewed they are instructed to wait until all the interviews are completed and they will be informed of the results. After a while the interviews stop and Wrath, Rhuuna, Lianana, Jeffry, Salvatore IV, Igantius, and Mason were asked to stay behind as they were chosen as caravan guards. Each was asked to sign a contract and given the terms of employment. Along with the 2000 gp to be paid on completion of the escort each was to be given a standard travelers kit (Backpack, Pouch, Bedroll, Flint and steel, Hempen rope (50’), 2 sunrods, 10 days trail rations, waterskin), and a 1000 gp stipend to supplement their existing gear. Ignatius was also given a Fully charged repair light damage wand for use in maintenance on the road. With their gear and stipend received the party was told to be at Mallon’s gate at mid-day to set off.

The following day the party arrived to see the caravan assembled and ready to go as well as 4 Magebred horse for their use of which they only took three. With Jeffery and Ignatius riding in the wagon with the cargo and Mason driving the party set off twords their first stop, the capital of Breland, Wroat. Most of the days travel was uneventful until a group of Emerald Claw mercenaries lead by what appeared to be a Priest of the Blood of Vol requested they hand over their cargo. Mason refused and a fight ensued. Quickly dispatching their attackers they did what they could for the wounded and took the priest captive. After putting him in the back of the wagon and waiting for him to wake up the party asked him a few questions and learned theat he was ordered by the head of his temple, Francis, to retrieve the cargo. After answering the parties questions the priest was released and the party continued on through the night to Wroat. Arriving at the capital they found that rooms where waiting for them at the “Evermoon Tavern”.

657 xp each

Looted off the encounter:
12 black onyx (50gp each)
90 gp in coin
5 flails
100 bolts
5 light X-bows
5 heavy wooden sheilds
5 Chainmail
Masterwork Breastplate
Light steel shield
+1 Scimitar
11 arrows
Potion of Cure moderate wounds

Session 1 - The rough road ahead

After arriving in Wroat and checking into the Evermoon tavern the party began to get some needed rest. Leaving Lianara, Wrath, and Mason to watch over the cart the rest of the party retired to their rooms for the night. After a brief nap Mason left to take care of some business he had in Wroat. A little while after Lianara was awoken from her trance state as she and Wrath heard noises at the far end of the stables. After some investigation didn’t reveal anything the intruders revealed themselves by firing a pair of crossbow bolts into Wrath. A quick battle with what appeared to be elven thieves Wrath and Lianara left one of them fleeing for their lives and the other opened up from shoulder to hip. A short while later Mason returned to a cautious Lianara’s bow trained on him. Seeing that it probably wasn’t safe at the tavern any more Mason retrieved his contract and bill of credit and seemed to send a message to everyone else’s matching documents. Leaving Wroat as quickly and carefully as possible. After a short stop for a morning meal the part continued on its way running into another group of Emerald Claw soldiers that looked considerably better trained than those they encountered on the way to Wroat. The person dressed in a robe offered that they would be let go if they handed over the artifact and walked away. Mason refused of course and a battle ensued. Early in the fight two scouts emerged from their camouflaged hiding spots and entangled Wrath and Jeffery with a pair of tanglefoot bags preventing them from charging directly into the fray. They forgot however to account for Baby who made a leaping charge at the caster in the back and managed to severely wound him. Seeing their caster was in trouble to other soldiers came to his aid by trying to knock Baby away. They eventually succeeded but not before Rhuuna was able to summon a few more allies in the the form of three dire rats that kept the more heavily armored soldiers busy. While the rest of the party engaged at range with the attackers inflicting moderate damage on them while Rhuuna moved Baby away from the mas of attackers near then summoning a swarm catching most of the enemy force in it. No longer pinned under Baby the caster crawled away from the swarm and took the opportunity to cast a spell at Baby, managing to inflict a grievous wound on the fleshraker. Before it was able to properly react to the injury the Elite soldiers converged on it and made sure that would no longer be a threat. In turn the ranged members of the party ensured the caster would no longer be a threat. It didn’t take long for the party to finish with the rest and offered a chance to leave to the survivors which the remaining two elite soldiers took and withdrew. Stableizing those that where still breathing the party took the time to bury the faithful Baby and plan their next move. Feeling they had been compromised Mason lead them into the Dragonwood to Woodhelm. A few wind driven tree branches, a Sword of Liberty camp, and a broken wheel later they arrived and took refuge at the Lumbering Lager inn and left Wrath holding the chest in the cart as watch.


95 GP (80 from ambush, 15 from theif)
64 SP
1 light X-bow
+1 Keen Shortsword (claimed by Lianara but open to negotiation)
3 Cure Moderate Wounds potions
2 Flails
2 Chainmails
2 Light X-bows
65 bolts
48 arrows
2 Masterwork Composite Shortbows (
2) (one c. s. bow claimed by Wrath)
2 Chainshirts
1 Masterwork Light X-Bow
Masterwork Full Plate armor (Jeffery expressed interest)
Masterwork Longsword
Heavy Wooden Shield
Clear Quartz valued at 50GP
1 Tanglefoot bag
3 Alchemist’s fire (claimed by Lianara)

Session 2 - Girallons, and Bulettes, and Owlbears, Oh my!

After reaching the lumbering town of Woodhelm and resting for the night the party woke mostly refreshed and ready to continue their travels. All was not well as while Wrath was watching over the cargo and reorganizing their acquired possessions a group of workers who had just left came running back into town chased by a large group of spiders that proceeded to turn around when they reached the edge of town. After some investigation the party was asked to remove the spider threat from a new logging area for a 200 GP reward by the company owner, John. Being skilled negotiators they convinced the owner of the logging company to raise it to 300 GP. With the payment arrangements made the party, except for Mason who stayed behind to watch over the cargo, headed out to the logging site to take care of the spiders.

Upon arriving at the logging site Rhuuna noticed that the trees the company was about to cut down where extremely healthy. There also was no evidence that the spiders where there. The party decided to venture deeper into the forest easily following the trail left by the spiders. After about 45 min of walking there was still no sign of the spiders the party was to eliminate but they did begin to hear a voice on the wind, fortunately Lianara was able to understand the Sylvan language and it was revealed that a Dryad was responsible for the first spider attack and the wolf pack that had appeared in front of them. The Dryad not wanting a large fight said that she would be willing to help find a suitable replacement area for the company to harvest. Having only been given the task to eliminate the spiders and not negotiate with a protector of the forest on the behalf of the logging company. To make negotiations proceed as quickly as possible Wrath let Sally ride on his back and they retrieved the company’s owner and the union rep to negotiate. After a bit of negotiation and learning that it would result in greater losses than profits for the company the owner agreed to let the Dryad guide them to a new logging spot. With negotiations completed the party, company owner, and Bob the union rep headed back to town. After Sally reminded John he still owed them their pay the party received 300 GP and started to head out through the woods on their main mission of delivering the cargo to Korth.

Having no real trail to follow made traveling slower but still manageable. Along the way they party was forced to protect their horses for predators such as a pack of wolves and a few displacer beasts. Finally leaving the Dragonwood they where able to make it to the Orien trade road fairly quickly and headed to Xandrar so they might catch a boat to Passage. Just as Drum Keep came into view both Lianara and Rhuuna heard the earth below them being displaced as a Bulette surfaced and almost devoured the horse pulling the cart. Acting quickly the party managed to put it down before it could inflict any real damage. Arriving in Xandrar they take a few rooms near the port and get ready to head out first thing in the morning aboard the Prosperity to Passage.

With everything stored and the party relaxing on deck they where able to notice that they were being watched from somewhere. About a half hour later the sound of a teleport spell came from back near the wheel as four figures materialized there. A robed figure, 2 soldier types in chainmail, and one in a shiny breastplate with the Blood of Vol symbol prominently displayed.

Enough XP to advance to 5th level. Everyone should be at 10,100 xp (minus any xp spent on crafting)

300 GP
Displacer Beast trophy

Everyone should level up their characters to level 5 and have them in a the state they would be in after an extended rest. (spells prepared, maneuvers readied, stances taken)

Session 3 - Final Delivery

After noticing the new comers that just teleported in where less than friendly the party quickly moved to engage them. Mason being the first to react immediately targeted the Breastplate wearing foe. After that Jeffery moved to block the stairs to try an contain the combatants to the upper deck. The soldiers were the first of the enemy combatants to respond after teleporting in. One decided to try and take control of the ship by attacking the captain who was at the wheel while the other one climbed down the wall to engage Jeffery. While Jeffery was engaged with the soldier the Man in the Shiny Breastplate (MitSB) moved in to also engage him while appearing to also move to the chest. as Sally and Wrath attempted to get into positions to help Igantius Attempted to take out the mage with his bow. After Ignatius’ arrows missed, the mage cast a spell opening a small rift to Fernia and producing a wall of fire that not only effectively split the top deck into two different areas it also engulfed poor Sally. Jeffery, realizing the real threat of the mage, moved closer to him and kept attacking the soldiers on the way. Unfortunatly this left Mason open to attack from the MitSB who touch him and caused him to fall. Wrath having closed in through the wall of fire managed to get in a mighty blow on the MitSB and sally was pulled from the fire by Lianara. The mage seeing his best chance for him and his allies to escape would be for him to be on the lower deck attempted to climb down the wall like his companions but was unable to keep his footing and fell on his face. Seeing a chance to eliminate the mage threat Jeffery move to be able to take him out and was able to get a good hit in but left the mage breathing. The MitSB promptly grabbed the chest and disappeared with it after uttering a word. The mage seeing that the objective was complete attempted to escape using a magic item on his person that allowed him to disappear and reappear on the other side of the wall of fire only to find an angry halfling and elf on the other side. pulling out a quartz gem the mage shot what looked to be a lance of ice at Lianara and hitting her fairly solidly and stunning her. Rhuuna, recognizing the spell that grievously injured Baby promptly took the shape of another dinosaur and attacked the mage knocking him unconscious then made him bleed to death while attempting to male his hand to limit his spell casting. Seeing that they weren’t going to be able to leave the boat the two soldiers surrendered tending to the wounded and gathering the dead Igantius noticed that there was some magic being worked over the area but neither he or Jeffery could identify it clearly. After gathering the loot from the attackers and making sure the boat wasn’t on fire Mason startled everyone by sitting up with a gasp and “That hurt”.

After explaining that while technicaly he was working for the twelve his actual employer was the King’s Citidel of Breland(“Though if you ask about me there they won’t be able to tell you anything”). Explaining he had come up with a plan to attempt to throw their pursuers off their trail (“Didn’t expect to be killed though”). Replacing the original chest for one that looked identical the attackers were meant to take it (“Hopefully they don’t/can’t open it right away”). Emphasizing that for all intents and purposes he is dead and the party needed to elect a new leader of the caravan.

Choosing Sally for the job they spent a few more or less relaxing days at sea before arriving in Passage. Finally getting the chance to sell some of their accumulated items Sally managed to talk the arms dealer into being very generous in buying them. Their wagon a bit lighter and their number fewer they agree that the best way to get to Korth from there was to travel overland as part of a House Orien caravan to Flamekeep and catch a boat to Rekkenmark from there. After a comparatively lazy three days they arrived in Flamekeep and found a boat to Rekkenmark. Another three days at see found them docking and taking the quick journey to Korth from there with only a minor skirmish with some bandits.

Delivering the chest to the Tower of the Twelve they where paid their wage after the shipment was verified. Opening the chest right in front of them the party was able to see that it contained some sort of device which surrounded the largest Kyber Dragonshard any of them had ever seen. Though he seemed dismissive of them the news that they where attacked by forces of the Emerald Claw and Blood of Vol seemed to trouble him. He dismissed the party telling them he would look into the matter a bit and get back to them in a few days. Leaving the Tower the party retired to an Inn to get some food and drink. While there Sally received a message from home informing her that her mother is not well. Deciding to go back home the rest of the party follows her deciding that with their recent enemies it probably wouldn’t be wise to split up. Finding a privateer airship captain the party agrees to work as crew in exchange for passage back to Passage. Leaving a forwarding address with their contact at the Twelve the party sets off and arrives in passage early the next day. Disembarking and obtaining a new wagon and beasts of burden they set off for Sally’s house.




See here

Session 4 - Sally's homecoming

Arriving in Sally’s home town, the village of Duskwood Point, the party makes their way to Sally’s family home on the cost of Lake Galifar. There they meet Sara, sally’s mother, who greets her daughter happily. She appeared to not have slept in days with very dark circles under her eyes and occasionally a vacant expression would come over her face. The house was also starting to look like it is also being affected by whatever is happening to her with clutter beginning to accumulate and the garden becoming overgrown.

Denying anything was wrong Sara went to prepare some tea and snacks while another woman, a few years younger than Sally approached the party. Introducing herself as, [TBD] Sally’s sister, she explained that it was she that sent the message and that while Sara may look fine now the sister has caught her wandering aimlessly around the village and woods, talking to people who aren’t there, and staring off for hours on end. When Sara returned the party spent the rest of the day visiting and stayed the night leaving in the morning to check out the old fort for clues as to what was going on. With Rhuuna feeling increasingly uneasy in the woods and Jeffery getting a heavy sense of evil in the area they pressed on.

Reaching the abandoned fort the party spent most of the day searching for clues only finding a group of fresh tracks leading out of the fort and no bodies. Following the tracks for a bit out of the fort the party came upon to deep chasms from which a group of horrific aberrations emerged and attacked. After a quick battle the party spotted a figure further into the woods walk deeper in. A quick check of the area where the figure was revealed no tracks to follow so they decided to venture into the depths but first they were going to rest as it was getting a little late. Finding a spot that seemed to be safe Lianara and Wrath kept watch Sally was restless in her sleep as she kept hearing what she thought was her father.

The next morning the party began to try and figure out how deep the chasms were. Dropping a stone with a light on it didn’t reveal anything as the light disappeared. Sally then asked Rhuuna to change into something capable of flight and check it out. Doing so revealed that the bottom was mud and was about a mile down devising a way to get down to the bottom the rest of the party finds the mud is almost up to their knees. Choosing a direction to go they set off further into Kyber.

After a bit of spelunking they are again attacked by a group of Dolgrims and Dolgaunts. Killing all but one dolgaunt who had run off yelling for someone named Greg. Going in the general direction that the dolgaunt did they descended deeper into Kyber. After a while they came to a slightly larger cavern where a gauth descended from the ceiling. Then the dolgaunt who had run away stating that Greg will end them now. A brief battle found the gauth and remaining dolgaunt defeated. A search of the chamber revealed some of the items that the gauth and the minions had collected over time. The party takes a moment to go over what they had found before they descend deeper.

XP Gained

cloth of gold vestments (80.9 gp)
intricate ivory anklechain (1,159.7 gp)
silver snuff box with abstract designs (900.3 gp)
3,941 silver coins (394.1 gp)
1,382 gold coins (1,382 gp)
bixbite (violet beryl) (825.6 gp)
sapphire (blue corundum) (1,064.4 gp)
bruneau jasper (brown with ivory in spherical and oval patterns) (52.6 gp)
arcane (450 gp)
Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)
Misdirection (l2, cl3) (scribed 2 times)
divine (525 gp)
Delay Poison (l2, cl3)
Water Walk (l3, cl5)

Session 5 - Kyber spelunking

After placing the belongings found in the Greg the Gauth’s cavern into Sally’s roomy backpack the party descended deeper. Coming to the end of a narrow part of the cave it seemed to give way to some sort of hall that resembled worked stone found in an Aundair military installation. Upon entering a series of coldfire torches ignited revealing an intersection a little bit into the complex. Advancing forward the party takes the first left they found the way blocked by a locked door. Lianara, after a little while and a few tries, was able to open it revealing a store room of some sorts with less than fresh food and discarded equipment.

After rummaging through the pile of mostly mundane rusted and rotting equipment they found a few items that where well made. One item being a very nice backpack that was holding far more than it should. Reaching into the center pocket they pulled out a full Alchemist’s Lab, and emptying the side pockets revealed a couple of shafts of wood with magical auras as well as a some parchment with magical writing, possibly scrolls, and a set of artisan tools. Also in the pile they found a belt matching the backpack that contained a dagger, light crossbow and some thieves tools. Finding nothing else in the room of note they made their way to the opposite door and found it to be a bit heavier and better locked and it took Lianara a bit longer but she was successful.

On the other side they found a narrow hall. Going down it they found a row of cells opening all the cells on one side they found a single victim in each cell chained to the wall each with their brain missing. A close examination of the bodies revealed they where probably from the same fort that Sally served at. A search of the other side revealed More of the same in all but one cell. In the last cell they found a human woman in chained to the wall apparently still alive. When Wrath moved in to check it she was still alive she began to scream very loudly for a solid minute before suddenly focusing on Sally who was standing at the wall behind asking why she was wearing her armor. After was quick rearranging of equipment they found out the woman’s name was Korihime and she had no idea how long she had been in the cell. Giving her the choice of getting out on her own or coming with them though it would be dangerous. Choosing to follow the rest of the party since she really didn’t have any direction sense.

Continuing on they came to a heavy double door. When Liliana finally managed to unlock the she heard a command from the other side saying to stand ready. Opening the door they found the figure from the woods earlier with a squad of Dolgaunts and Dolgrims as well as two humans chained to some pillars. A brief conversation between Sally and her father ensued before his new squad attacked. An intense battle followed but the party was able to fend off the attack but not before Salvatore III escaped through a trap door in the back. Sally quickly followed her father along with Wrath and Lianara. heading down a very narrow corridor they came up in a second chamber where their foe waited but he wasn’t alone. As soon as Lianara emerged from the tunnel a powerful mental blast hit the three. Sally and Wrath were able to shake it off but Lianara was stunned. Seizing the opportunity Salvatore move in to attack renewing his assault on Wrath and engaging him completely. Hitting him very hard a few time before Rhuuna on Lilliput got through the tunnel. Once that happened the group felt another blast of mental energy but as before everyone but Lilliput was able to shake it off. Forced to dismount Rhuuna began to summon something to help fight. While Sally used a scroll to engage the real threat of the Mindflayer.

A few seconds later Jeffery and Korihime managed to make it through the tunnel but not before Salvatore managed to get in some vicious blows on Wrath laying him open. Seeing his comrade taken down Jeffery immediately moved to engage Salvatore and Korihime tried to tend to him. Channeling the power of her Dragonmark and much of her own life force she was able to mend the stands that gave him life but not return in to consciousness. Finally finishing her summon a giant owl appeared and attacked the Mindflayer doing great harm to it. Getting in a few shots of her own Sally hung on to keep from falling. Seeing that staying meant certain death the Mindflayer fled to the planes. With the Mindflayer’s influence gone Salvatore seemed to regain a sense of himself but was very confused.

Tending to the wounded and getting Wrath on his feet thier healing was unable to wake Korihime though she appeared to be breathing. carrying her to where the party entered Kyber they devised a way to leave by getting inside Sally’s handy haversack and had Rhuuna change into a dire hawk and carry the bag to the top. Placing Korihime in the cart they made their way back to Duskwood Point and the Salvatore residence.

Upon entering they found Francis waiting for them chatting with Sara, Sally’s mother. A strained polite conversation followed with Francis asking where the box was and that he was relieved they where all ok. Stating that it was sad that they couldn’t help him he would have to take consolation in the parting gift he received and vanished with a word. Sara seeing her husband again after being gone so long had a few things to say to him, some nice some not so nice. After a long day the party took a well needed rest. The next morning everyone but Korihime awoke and planned their next move. Heading to town to find Igantius they found that it seems he had been abducted by a few men that arrived the same time as Francis. Returning to the house in the early afternoon they found that Korihime was still unconscious and a message from the twelve had been delivered. At that moment Korihime awoke with a comment about breakfast pastries and asked if she had missed something. Bringing her up to speed on what had transpired she offered to finish the gloves Igantius was working on.

The message simply stated that the package they had delivered had been removed from the tower with no signs of forced entry, physical or magical, either in or out. The Twelve offered Sally and the others the job of finding it if they where interested. The began to discuss their next move.

The party gains:


3,893 gold coins
197 platinum coins
potion of spider climb (300 gp)
potion of cat’s grace (300 gp)
potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
potion of invisiblity (300 gp)
potion of remove fear (50 gp)
potion of shield of faith +2 (50 gp)
arcane (175 gp)
Burning Hands (l1, cl1)
Mirror Image (l2, cl3)
Detect Magic (l0, cl1) (16 charges) (120 gp)
boots of the winterlands (2,500 gp)

Session 6 - The house of blood

After leaving Duskwood point and arriving in Fairhaven two days later the party drop the Salvatores off at the main Aundair military headquarters while the rest went shopping and selling.

The Salvatores wait for about fifteen minutes before the Colonel is ready to see them. Walking into his office they are told to be at ease after saluting. Colonel Gavrin Toriun welcomes Salvatore III back showing genuine happiness at his return. After a brief time of catching up and general chatting Gavrin then tells Salvatore III that he is to take at least two months leave to fully recover and that during this time a new outpost will be built on the banks of the Wynarn river and he will take command once it is finished.

Once Col. Toriun is finished with Sally’s dad he addresses her. He congratulates Sally on the successful recovery of her commanding officer and promotes her to Sergant. How ever given that tensions aren’t as high today as when the Last war ended the Aundair military finds itself needing to cut back a little and gives sally two options: a Honorable discharge with the option of re-enlisting as either a Sergant Major or a commissioned officer (pending evaluation), or be put into the reserves and subject to recall should the need arise. Sally chooses the Honorable Discharge option.

While the Salvatores where meeting with the military the rest of the party was busy. Using Jeffery’s undeniable Charisma and eloquent speaking the party was able to get a better than average price for their items. The also did some shopping for some supplies they might have been missing and Wrath and Jeffery asked if Kori could make them a few items. Kori agreed to make Wrath the cloak he asked for and Jeffery the item he asked for (I forgot what is was off the top of my head, reminder please) but it might take a while as she has been having trouble channeling her magic lately, which she thinks might have to do with restoring Wrath after he fell. Wrath also used the down time to try and gain some knowledge about Korihime. Plying her with a few bottles of fine wine but all he managed to learn before she passed out was that she thought they where all stuck up and had no thoughts for the individuals in the house just the house itself. After she had passed out Wrath picked her up and went to House Sivis to check the records of current excoriate Cannith members of which there have been only three in the time period that appears to be Korihime’s age.

Around mid afternoon the party regathered and discussed what was going to happen next. Deciding to take the job offer from The Twelve they returned to house Sivis to send the message. Upon returning to he inn they had decided to stay at the noticed a person standing outside their rooms. It happens to be their contact at the Twelve who wondered what took so long for them to reply. The party is able to negotiate a new contract that built on the original but increased the final compensation to 3500 gp as well as 2000 gp credit with the twelve for items that would be sold at 80% market price (effectivly 2500 GP for items). After acquiring various items and getting a good night’s sleep the party headed off to Vathirond.

After a 3 day lightning rail ride the party arrived in Vathirond. Initially they ran into issues gathering information on the BoV temple location by having Jeffery be the one to ask about it but once it was pointed out that it would probably be better if someone not dressed in the symbols of the Sovereign Host and Sally took over it went a bit smoother. Asking around they tracked down the temple by finding a bunch of barrels of preserving pine. Something that Kori pointed out wasn’t created by Cannith and showed up in Atur first. Using that lead they found the warehouse that contained the temple.

After casing the warehouse for all exits and entrances, noting that there seemed to only the main and a side door, Lianara climbed to the roof of the warehouse and found a window to observe from. Looking down into the main hall and saw a large group of worshipers taking part in what looked like some sort of blood letting ritual. Checking the neighboring building for evidence of secret passages from next door. After not finding anything in there the party exited the building and Lianara scouted through the window again finding the main hall empty this time and a large blood stained area where the group had been standing. Deciding that the front door would probably be best the party entered the temple.

Entering the temple the party heading to the front of the main hall but stopped when a group exited from the two side doors. From the doors emerged an elf in robes, a human fighter wielding a bastard sword, a Half-Orc in loose fitting clothing, and three Emerald Claw soldiers. Without wasting a word they attacked with the Elf trying to take control of Wrath but failing to do so. The fighter then approached and attacked hitting Wrath severely with his Bastard sword and letting a spell discharge through the blade into Wrath. Jeffery in the mean time moved to engage the Emerald claw soldier and Elf who had emerged from the same door as the human fighter and was able to keep him somewhat occupied. The Half-Orc that emerged from the other door demonstrated great proficiency with his fists and feet dealing quite a bit of damage to Lilliput by moving quickly to her. Lianara moved to cover Wrath with her bow as Rhuuna ordered Lilliput to get out not wanting to lose another animal companion. After the fleshraker retreated Korihime took a crossbow bolt to the back that gave her a bit of a jolt as a halfling revealed them self from the shadows. A few more blows from their opponents and it appeared the party might be out matched but Rhuuna quickly turned the tide of battle by wild shaping into a second fleshraker and severely injuring and poisoning the Half-Orc making him a little less agile. After the Half-orc became less of a threat and Sally was able to inspire her comrades to not let themselves be defeated here their opponents seemed become shaken by this and had trouble getting a solid hit in. Korihime taking a calculated risk to try and get Jeffery open to move to help the other fired a lightning bolt from one of her wands catching the Soldier and now unconscious elf with it but while she was unable to drop the soldier she did manage to burn the elf to a crisp. After cleaving two of the Emerald claw with their swords Wrath and Jeffery where then able to subdue the spell and sword wielding fighter while Rhuuna finished off the monk. The halfling seeing his chances of surviving dropping rapidly quickly retreated out of the temple. Stabilizing those still alive and healing their own injuries the party prepares to possibly venture further into the temple.

XP gained: 2000 (I have everyone at 22430 xp. Enough to be level 7)

12 Contract immediate gains:
2000 GP worth of items from the twelve
ability to purchase items from the twelve that day at 80% list price (giving effectively 2500 GP worth of items)

If Sally would like to go shopping before leaving Fairhaven she may. She just forgot about her recent purchases in the chaos of battle. If everyone could list what they bought here again I would appreciate it. Kori bought a Type I Bag of Holding that she is keeping in her haversack’s main pocket.

Loot obtained from the BoV temple:
MW Longsword x3
Full Plate
Heavy Wooden Sheild
Light Steel Sheild
Short Sword x3
75gp 63sp
5 vials of liquid
Chain shirt (gives off a magic aura)
Set of bracers (gives off a magic aura)
piece of cord the half-orc was using as a belt (gives off a magic aura)
Amulet that looks like a piece of bark (gives off a magic aura)

Session 7 - Putting our neck on the line

Taking a little time to recover from their last fight the party decides what to do next.

After questioning the survivors and finding out that they didn’t know who Francis the party decided to investigate further into the temple. Entering the door to the left of the alter they entered what looked to be a small library of sorts with only one other door. Checking the door for things that would be less than fun to deal with Lianara concluded that it was clean and opened it to reveal a short hall with a second door at the end. Taking point Wrath was first to enter the hall and almost immediately fell… straight up. When Wrath got back on his feet he looked up to see the rest of the party looking down at him from the ceiling and begin to lower a rope to him so he could climb out. Grabbing the rope Wrath climbed back to the party and just as he reunited with the party the rope fell to the floor again as the Reverse Gravity field powered down.

Checking to make sure they wouldn’t fall to the ceiling if they walked down the hall the party moved to the next door and checked it for nasty tricks. Finding none they opened it and moved into the a large central crypt with five coffins. Getting everyone out of the hall before the trap had a chance to reset. Once everyone was in the central room coffins opened revealing the temple’s cleric and some of his “children”. Fortunately Wrath was able to react quickly and move up to engage the cleric who then attempted to force him to change sides but Wrath was able to resist it. The rest of the party then was able to act before the Cleric’s children with Lianara putting some silver arrows into the cleric and Jeffery scattered all but one of his children by invoking the power of the Sovereign Host. Realizing that this was a fight that he probably wouldn’t win the cleric began to flee but Wrath was able to catch him and do enough damage to turn him into some sort of vapor. Chasing down the vampire cleric’s spawn proved to be of little challenge except they managed to dominate Sally but gave ineffective orders and where swiftly defeated.

Destroying the vampires coffin and ransacking the large office, which turned out to belong to Francis, the party found two recent letters they could use to track him and possibly the artifact down. Returning to the inn the party discusses where to go next and decide that it might be best to visit the seat of the blood of vol in Atur. Sally asked Kori to make a special scroll for them that would allow them to find the correct path a bit easier. Promising to do it once her powers returned fully they set off for Karrnath the next day. After three and a half days travel they arrived in Korth and Kori announced that she was able to complete the items requested of her during the trip.

Kori askes “So what do we do first? Personally I think the scroll since I think it’s more reliable than the House Cannith enclave.”

Session 8 - Chase the Rainbow

Arriving back in Korth the party took a moment to sell old good and acquire new ones while they found a place for Kori to cast her scroll. Finding a suitable place Kori began casting once they had all checked. After about ten minutes of chanting they appeared to receive an answer to their call.

“Ask me your question,” the entity said through Korihime.

“What course of action will lead us to retrieve the artifact we seek?” Sally asked.

“To retrieve the artifact you seek, travel to where the Rainbow is kept above where the claw of emerald sleeps,” the entity answered before leaving Kori’s body.

Discussing the answer for about an hour and a half to two Kori declares that she’s had enough and is going shopping and will be back later.

While Kori was out shopping the rest of the party continued to discuss the riddle after another 2 hours of discussion someone floated the idea that it might be a place where very ancient dragon like creatures resided but was now held by the Emerald Claw as a headquarters. After returning Kori says she figured out what to do next and that was to forget about the riddle for a while and follow the second clue the retrieved from the office of Francis, the letter from someone in Cannith.

Kori then explained that Zolan d’Cannith ran the branch of House Cannith and had the resources to study the object as well as there being a rumor of him being a Blood of Vol worshiper. Deciding to check it out it was decided that Rhuuna, Lianara, Wrath, and Sally would try and ask around the Cannith enclave, on the opposite side of town, posing as an investor and her entourage.

Taking their time and picking up some elements of Sally’s disguise along the way they arrived at the Cannith enclave and where shown to a small receiving room where a member of the house asked if there was anything he could do for them. Making a story up that she had recently come into some money but was looking to make it disappear before the tax collectors came. Ideally she would like to invest it in a project that would result in a good return but wasn’t necessarily on the official books. The Cannith representative said that he understood what she was asking and excused himself for a few minutes to compile a list of things she might be interested in. After a few minutes Sally asked Lianara and her “snake” (a wild shaped Rhuuna) to “go and find the powder room” and cast a spell that rendered her invisible.

Using her already impressive stealth abilities Lianara proceeded to venture to where Zorlan’s office was only to be stopped by a closed lift and a closed and locked stairway door. Being patient she wait a few minutes for someone to enter the stairs then tailgated behind them and made her way to the correct floor. Arriving there she carefully opened the door to an empty hall with only an oblivious secretary. Moving to the office door she found that it was locked but a quick search revealed a key on the secretary’s desk which was quickly retrieved with the secretary being none the wiser. Entering Zorlan’s office she began looking for clues to where the artifact might be. Finding a few letters from Francis Lianara stumbled up a map of Cannith East’s holding in Karrnath studying the map for a little while she realized that not everything was being shown and found a switch that revealed two more locations. A secret personal workshop for Zorlan and another facility named Rainbow Keep.

Feeling she had all that she needed she made her way back to the conference room having to use a potion that rendered her invisible once again. Quickly concluding their business with Cannith the group returned to the room and shared what they had found. Using this information and the riddle from the scroll they decide to travel to Rainbow Keep and investigate it.

A few days of traveling finds the party at the foot of the Icetop Mountains in the front of a Massive structure at least 100 ft tall and almost as wide. Cautiously approaching the front door they found it was locked but not trapped with Kori unable to open the lock the party resorted to their secondary lock pick, Wrath, Sally, and Jeffery using the portable ram to break down the heavy wooden door. entering the keep revealed a smaller room than what the out side suggested. however while examining a bookshelf a bolt of acid just missed Sally and caused the imaginary wall to disappear and reveal a group of Emerald Claw soldiers and a pair of casters. Wrath quickly moved to engage the casters while Lilliput sprang into action mauling one of the soldiers and managing to poision him. He didn’t last long after that while Jeffery, Lianara, and Kori took care of two more soldiers. Wrath having managed to almost cut one of the mages in two turned his attention to the other one and managed to pin him to the wall with a spear. Lilliput and the rest of the party made short work of the last soldier. Recovering what they could off of the dead Francis appeared in the hall. Moving to attack Wrath found his sword passed right through him. After a breif conversation Kori ended it by turning off the emitter that was projecting the image explaining that it was a new desig from house Cannith East and only had short range meaning that Francis was probably in the facility.

Taking a bit more time to examine their surroundings they noticed each hall was lit with a different color; one red, one blue, one black, one green, one white, and one with a brassy tinge to it. They also found a secret entrance with no lever but six recesses each colored the same as the halls. Moving down the red hall first the party encountered a few traps that blasted them with acid, cold, and fire before they found a control panel and turned them off. Getting to the door they found that it was warm to the touch and unlocked. Sending in Wrath and Jeffery first they where blasted by a rush of really hot air and entered what looked like a cave with a pool of standing lava and a 20 foot high ledge. Wrath and Sally climbed up on the ledge to get a better view of the room when from the lava pool flew a large Red Dragon. Noticing a key around it’s neck Sally tried to ask for it but was refused and a battle ensued. At first the party wasn’t doing much damage to it and the dragon was able to catch almost everyone by breathing fire on them. being on the ground to do that let Wrath get in a devastating attack followed by Jeffery getting in a lighter wound this caused the dragon to take to the air once again where Rhuuna used a stone produced from her new bag on boulders to try and stop the dragon and in a true David vs Goliath moment managed to smash the dragon’s head in. Elated they had survived the party retrieved the key and skinned the dragon so that it could be made into armor later. Having almost exhausted themselves Kori enchanted a rope so they could have a place to rest for the night.

Loot gained:
2x Potion of Barkskin +3
13x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
2x Amulet of Natural Armor +3 (one was broken in the fight)
2x Adamantine Daggers
7x Light Crossbows
80x Bolts
5x Flails
5x Masterwork Chainmail


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