Death in the Dragonmarks

Sessions 23 - 25 - All Aboard

Having retrieved the artifact from making and widowing Kori the party made it’s way out of the Mournlands. Their journey out though was not uneventful and along the way they running into a demon patrol and a not right rain. Over coming those obstacles they mad their way to Sterngate so they may catch the lightning rail to Korranberg. Along the way they encountered an elf with a pair of bodyguards fending off an orc ambush. Assisting them they traveled together till Korranberg where the party off loaded various items they had acquired on their adventures. Using the proceeds from their goods they went on a bit of a shopping spree while Kori began to refill her scroll and wand reserves. After a few days the party decided is was time to move on to Aerenal. During the debate on how to get there it came up to ask the elf they escorted how she planned to return. As it turned out she had chartered an airship and was planning on leaving soon and offered the party a ride in exchange for their protection. accepting the offer they set out early the next morning. After a day of traveling the Elf revealed her true nature to be Erandis and a pair or vampire clerics. Subduing the party she has imprisoned them in a hide out somewhere in Eberron. Forcing them to hand over the artifact she has taken Kori to help her research it. Trapped in the dungeon the party must find a way out and possibly stop what ever plan Erandis is trying to execute.

XP Gained
1600 minus any relevant Multiclass penelties


So by careful calculation I have come up with everyone having the following XP totals after this amount of XP is added.

Wrath – 79280
S & L – 85350
J & K – 82750
R – 87000

Sessions 23 - 25 - All Aboard

Level 14 is 91,000 XP so no one is there yet.

Sessions 23 - 25 - All Aboard
RurouniKakita RurouniKakita

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