Salvatore IV

A soldier from Aundair, good at a little bit of everything


Eleventh-level Bard

STR 18, DEX 11, CON 12, INT 16, WIS 11, CHA 18
AC 21, HP 53
Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +8

Speaks Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Gnome, Draconic, Undercommon, Orc, Sylvan, Giant, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Daan, Kythric, Argan, Irial, Mabran.

Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Song of the Heart, Lingering Song, Lyric Spell

Bardic Music: Inspire Courage +3 (augmented by Inspirational Boost)
Inspire Competence +4

Marshal Auras: Grant allies +4 to one of: Fort saves; Ref saves; Will saves; Confirm criticals; or Disarm, Trip, Sunder, and Bull Rush attempts

Skills: haha really? Including Bardic Knack…
Appraise +9
Balance +8
Bluff +18
Climb +10
Concentration +14
Decipher Script +9
Diplomacy +22
Disable Device +9
Disguise +12
Escape Artist +6
Forgery +9
Gather Information +18
Handle Animal +10
Heal +6
Hide +6
Intimidate +12
Jump +12
Knowledge (all specializations) +9
Listen +13
Move Silently +6
Perform (all specializations) +10
Perform (Oratory) +18
Ride +6
Search +9
Sense Motive +14
Sleight of Hand +8
Spellcraft +17
Spot +6
Survival +6
Swim +10
Tumble +14
UMD +18
Use Rope +6

0-level spells: O O O
Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Message
1st-level spells: O O O O
CLW, Inspirational Boost, Critical Strike, Featherfall
2nd-level spells: O O O O
CMW, Sonic Weapon, Invisibility, Know Vulnerabilities
3rd-level spells: O O O O
CSW, Dispel Magic, Haste, Know Opponent
4th-level spells: O O
Dimension Door, Resonating Bolt, Freedom of Movement


Salvatore was a foot-soldier in the Great War, fighting for Aundair. Competent but otherwise unremarkable, until one battle where he leapt in front of a crackling spell hurled by an enemy wizard, saving the life of the Baron it was aimed for. For this he was knighted and given the surname “Lee”, for it was a safe place standing behind him.

This is not his story.

Salvatore passed on his name to his firstborn son, Salvatore II, and trained him as a military man-at-arms. He rose to personal service of his Duke — no small merit — by virtue of his cunning and steadfastness.

This is not his story, either.

Not one to buck a new family tradition, Salvatore II named his own firstborn son Salvatore III, and again put him through military training early in life. A talented commander and warlord, Salvatore III took the safety and well-being of his men to heart when planning and executing battle formations.

This is not his story.

But in his personal life, Salvatore III found himself at odds with three generations of ancestors — his firstborn was a daughter. He named her Salvatore IV anyway, and trained her as a soldier.

This is her story.

Sally — for that is what she prefers to go by — spent most of her childhood in a military fort near Lake Galifar, close to the Eldeen border in Aundair. Her father taught her leadership principles, how to fight with assorted weapons and how to properly wear armor, and the virtues of being a good soldier. As some girls are wont to do, she idolized her dad; thought he could take on anything. Stories of his battles and the regards of the men under his command only supported this theory.

The war is not long over, and not as decisive a victory for Aundair as the Lees hoped for, but with political rumblings and the occasional raid by savage humanoids, that’s no reason to dismiss the soldiers in a border fortification. Sally was 12 when the War ended, so has spent most of her proper training time in the barracks and fields inside the fort. As she grew up, she found she has a fondness for the whip and the morningstar, and finds heavy armor too cumbersome to bother with.

A good leader is as smart as they are strong, though, so Sally studied hard and tries to know at least a little about a lot. She’s even learned some magic. (Why yes this is justification for some in-game mechanics.)

Sally has no idea what caused the catastrophe that destroyed the fortress she called home for so long. One night just after dusk, nightmarish creatures, shapeless and shadowy, sprang from the ground and killed many men, soldiers and hired men and servants alike. Salvatore III fought bravely, giving evacuation commands and seeing as many people to safety as possible. Sally was separated from him then, but she’s certain he’s alive.

He’s just too tough to die, even against things out of a nightmare.

Sally went home to her mother and siblings (and her grandfather, Salvatore II — it’s a damned good soldier who lives long enough to retire) for a few months to wait for her father, but eventually the purses ran empty and she had to look for work. As a young but trained soldier, she picked up the life of a mercenary, doing dirty jobs that paid surprisingly well. She still sends money home via bills of credit, stamped by the notaries of House Sivis, from time to time.

Salvatore IV

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